What is Dependable LLC’s background?

Dependable, LLC is an American company from the Cleveland, Ohio area. Cleveland has been its home from they day it opened in 1951. All profits stay within America.


What’s the difference between CUTDOWN®II & VAPORSEAL™ HM?

CUTDOWN®II is a latex based product used for moisture mediation of up to 90% relative humidity.

VAPORSEAL™ HM is an epoxy based product for 75% – 100% relative humidity.


Do you offer any approved Continuing Education Courses?

Yes, we offer a 1 hour approved course: Modern Solutions for Floor Preparation.

Programs approved through: American Institute of Architects (AIA), Architectural Institute of British Columbia (AIBC), and The Alberta Association of Architects (AAA).

See more details here.


Can I safely use gypsum for floor leveling?

Plaster or gypsum based flooring is almost always the better choice for suspended floors, whether wood or concrete substrate, because of its tolerance for all substrates and increased flexibility. Where thin materials are used, it has the additional advantage of much faster natural drying and compatibility with adhesives. Gypsum based materials should not be used for a wear layer because of abrasion resistance or where standing or running water may be present. Because in the presence of heat, gypsum gives off water, it is actually a fire-retarding material in certain applications.


Can underlayment patches be force dried?

Some patches may be and some may not. It is never a good idea to force dry cement-based products. Robbing the product of water at this early stage will lead to shrinkage, cracking, dusting, increased permeability and an overall weaker product. Gypsum products, on the other hand, may be force dried once they have hardened. Fans, or heated air, may be blown directly across the surface of the patch to help dry the gypsum product without a change in performance.


Do I have to use WHITE LATEX LIQUID® with WHITE SKIMCOAT™ to get anti-microbial properties?

No, WHITE LATEX LIQUID® does not need to be used in order to get anti-microbial properties. This is because WHITE SKIMCOAT™ contains anti-microbial agents in the powder. WHITE LATEX LIQUID® will significantly increase and improve the anti-microbial properties. WHITE LATEX LIQUID® is always recommended for better adhesion, water resistance, flexibility and mildewcide protection.


Which products can I use to fix a gypsum floor?

A gypsum concrete subfloor should be fixed with a gypsum based product.  To level an uneven gypsum floor use either Dependable’s WHITE SKIMCOAT™ or SKIMFLOW® HPI. Before installing either product, ensure the floor is properly sealed and primed, and all installation instructions are followed.


How thick can I go with DEPENDABLE’S products?


Feather & Patch


Does Skimcoat XL resist moisture? Up to what level?

Yes, SKIMCRETE® XL resists moisture up to 8 lbs. MVER using the Calcium Chloride Test Method (ASTM F-1869-09).