Cutdown-IICUTDOWN® II is a two part product featuring complex cross-linked latex polymers that reduces moisture vapor transmission and odor through concrete slabs. It can reduce up to 90% Relative Humidity (15 lb. MVER) to an acceptable level for the installation of floor covering systems OR to isolate cut-back and other adhesive residue, to allow safe installation of floor covering without fear of discoloration or bleed through.

Features and Benefits

  • Protects to 90% RH (ASTM F2170)
  • Reduces up to 15 lb. MVER to 3 lb. (ASTM F1869)
  • Zero VOC – Contributes to LEED (EQ 4.2)
  • Easy to install
  • Economical coverage
  • More resistant to alkalinity – protects to pH of 12
  • Infiltration barrier to cutback adhesive residue over concrete
  • Compatible, in direct bond, with most floor covering systems

Part A: 1.8 gallons – Part B: 2.2 gallons


Shelf Life: 1 year. Do Not Freeze – Protect from heat and direct sun. Store at 45-75° F. Shelf life is significantly shorter when stored over 90°F (32°C)


To maintain warranty all areas to be treated should be tested in accordance with ASTM F-2170- 11 (Standard Test Method for Determining Relative Humidity in Concrete Floor Slabs Using in situ Probes). Anhydrous Calcium Chloride tests (ASTM F-1869-11) may be used but is not warranted only where HVAC is on 24×7 at least one week before and during tests. Relative Humidity tests are always preferable and required on all newly placed concrete. Slab on grade and below grade foundations must be tested in accordance to ASTM F2170 (Standard Test Method for Determining Relative Humidity in Concrete Floor Slabs Using in situ Probes). ASTM F 1869 is not reccomended on below grade or slab on grade foundations due to inaccuracy of testing based from fluctuating conditions. All areas must also be tested for alkalinity. Map the location of all tests and re- sults. Record room temperature and humidity conditions. For concrete slabs with hydrostatic pressure (liquid water transmission) or relative humidity that ever exceed 90% RH or
emission levels that ever exceed 15 lbs. MVER, use DEPENDABLE VAPORSEAL products. Moisture potential where there is no effective barrier under slab can vary markedly over time and testing only measures
current conditions. Where an under slab effective barrier is not present, use of VAPORSEAL products is strongly recommended. Do not use on new concrete (less than 1 year) without RH (ASTM F2170) tests and consulting Technical Services. Calcium Chloride Testing is never acceptable unless HVAC is on 24×7.


Extremely Dry Conditions

Applications in very dry environments, over a very dry slab, will lead to pre-mature drying. In this case the product does not develop a proper bond or film. When these conditions exist, it is recommended to pre-dampen the concrete with water. Soak the concrete with water by mop, broom or other apparatus. Be sure to maintain a damp (with no standing water) slab while installing CUTDOWN® II. This will allow the product to dry at its normal rate.

Standard Concrete Surfaces

When using CUTDOWN® II as a moisture retarder, penetration of the slab surface is necessary for maximum bond and effectiveness. CUTDOWN® II should have intimate contact with absorptive concrete slab. Concrete repairs underneath CUTDOWN® II must be well bonded hydraulic cement materials, not contain latexes affected by water and be porous enough to absorb water readily. All others must be removed and all leveling done above CUTDOWN® II. All surfaces to be treated must be sound, solid, clean, absorptive, and dry. Surface shall be free of sealers, dirt, dust, paint, adhesive residues or other bond breakers or contaminants or bond breakers of any kind that might interfere with the product’s penetration and bond. Soft, dusty or weak layers of concrete must be removed. One way to test surface is by pressing a piece of duct tape onto the concrete. Remove and inspect the back. The surface may be considered clean if the tape is clean. However only submitting slab cores for lab testing can absolutely determine if not sealers, bond breakers or contaminants are present. All such materials must be removed prior to installing CUTDOWN® II. Cleaning usually requires damp mopping. Make sure there is no standing water remaining on surface.Open, absorptive concrete permits proper bond and long term performance for CUTDOWN® II. To test for absorptive surface and absence of sealers, place dime-size drops of water on several places on subfloor. Water should penetrate concrete within about 30 seconds. If water beads, surface is not ready to receive CUTDOWN® II. Observing uniform water absorption rate if slab is pre dampened assists in assuring good conditions. Polished, power trowelled or very smooth slabs shall be ground, scarified, or bead blasted to allow CUTDOWN® II to soak into pores and bond to slab. Installation on a smooth slab without profile requires test application and bond testing. Alkalinity in concrete greater than pH of 10.0 should be reduced with diluted vinegar wash prior to installation. CUTDOWN® II may leave an “orange peel” finish that may require leveling with some floors.

New Concrete

Slabs or other concrete placements less than one year old may not be ready for CUTDOWN® II. Only relative humidity testing (ASTM F2170) is acceptable and Technical Services should be contacted. Water absorption test—a quick test of whether CUTDOWN® II may be applied is to place dime size drops of water on floor. If they do not fully absorb within 80 seconds, CUTDOWN® II will not penetrate the concrete.

Joints in Slab

Expansion (through slab) joints should be left intact. CUTDOWN® II is not warranted against structural movement or moisture at expansion or “cold” joints. Joint walls may be painted and joint filled with a material designed to allow movement to minimize moisture transmission. Dimensionally stable, or non-moving, saw cut control joints, voids and cracks shall be filled by brushing or pouring CUTDOWN® II into the thoroughly cleaned joint . Finish leveling must be done over the area when CUTDOWN® II has dried with an appropriate patch such as SKIMCRETE® XL, SKIMCOAT™ or other DEPENDABLE leveling materials.

Adhesive Residues 

CUTDOWN® II may be used to isolate well bonded (non soluble) adhesive residues, including Cutback. CUTDOWN® II does not bond as strongly to adhesive residue as to adsorptive concrete, but forms an effective membrane. The dark color of cutback adhesive residues will show through even 2 coats of CUTDOWN® II, but is not an indication of bleeding through the material. Cutback residue may be covered by CUTDOWN® II where also treating moisture if it is then covered by at least 1/4 inch of Dependable Self Leveler. Since it can not penetrate into the concrete, CUTDOWN® II must not be used for moisture control when other latex adhesive residues are present. Existing adhesives should be well bonded to substrate. Aggressively scrape surface to remove all possible material and high spots. NOTE: Do not scrape adhesives containing asbestos unless following special asbestos removal procedures. Water soluble adhesives shall be removed. Leveling or patching normally must be completed following CUTDOWN® II application. Use the appropriate DEPENDABLE patching or self-leveling product to maintain full warranty.

Self Leveling

When installing self leveling products over CUTDOWN® II, the method and extent of preparation should be consistent with recommendations of the self-leveling product as well. Use of spiked sandals during installation shall not be used over CUTDOWN® II.



CUTDOWN® II is packaged 4 gallons in a 7 gallon pail for easy mixing. Parts A and B are packaged in separate pails within the 7 gallon pail. Pull both pails out, remove the lids and pour the material into the 7 gallon pail. Use a brush to scrape the material from each pail. Pour Part A into 7 gallon pail first, then add in Part B. Mix mechanically with a mix blade designed to mix low viscosity liquids, such as a Jiffy mixer. Mix thoroughly, at about 300 rpm, for 3 minutes until streak free. Avoid entraining air or mix until observable bubbling does not occur.


A mil is a thousandth of an inch. Mils may be measured with a wet film gauge (available through Dependable distribution or local professional paint stores). Approximate mils can be achieved by using the required coverage rate. To ensure proper coverage, mark out the area of the floor that a gallon should cover.

Mark with tape or otherwise measure out the area of floor intended to be covered by the container or containers mixed. Film gauges are also useful to check the thickness of the wet material. Dry mil thickness must be equal to lbs. MVER. to be abated up to 12 mils for warranty. Assure that sufficient material is used to achieve minimum mils of application required.


(Less than 85% Relative Humidity or 8 lb. MVER) With a coverage rate of 200 – 350 square feet per gallon, wet film thickness should be about 5 – 8 mils per application, which may vary with surface porosity. CUTDOWN® II is normally applied with a 3/8” nap roller. Nap size will depend upon the texture and porosity of the surface. Either dip the roller into the pail or a paint pan or pour one width strip directly onto surface. Roll with even and consistent strokes, keeping all application back and forth in the same direction, to ensure even application. Allow the first coat to dry 2 – 3 hours before beginning the second application. Apply the second coat in the opposite direction to the first or on a diagonal. Final dry film thickness should be 4 mils or more. Allow 24-48 hours prior to application of floor covering.


(Where may ever exceed 85% RH or 8 lb. MVER) Whenever CUTDOWN® II is used to mitigate moisture, the coverage and resulting depth of the coating is critical. In order to assure enough mils of membrane (12 dry mils), the first coat should be a double wet applied coat totally at least 12 wet mils and the area intended to be covered by one gallon (160 square feet on the first coat) should be marked off. In the measured area, using a 3/8 or 1/2” nap roller, roll the product liberally onto the floor from a pan or material poured on the floor across one width. Let material penetrate a few minutes then roll a second wet application of CUTDOWN® II over the initial wet coat. Depending upon the porosity of the substrate, the material may be dry to the touch when re-applying. If applying by pouring on to the substrate, lightly pre-dampen the floor with water. Use a mop or broom to spread the water on the floor. Make sure there is no standing water – that the surface does not glisten – prior to installing CUTDOWN® II. Allow to dry 2 hours before applying second or third coats. Apply the second coat across the grain or perpendicular to the first coat. Apply third coat in the same direction as the first coat. Allow a minimum of 24 up to 48 hours cure time without traffic on the floor before patching or covering, depending on temperature and humidity. Full cure is at 48 hours.


Most adhesives (including latex, urethane, epoxy and thin set mortars) and leveling compounds may be applied directly to the surface. For coatings and other covering materials, consult Technical Services. Testing the adhesive for acceptable bond is always advisable. Exercise care to protect cleanliness of CUTDOWN® II and avoid traffic during curing until covered.


Use soap and water to clean tools or spatter while CUTDOWN® II is wet. Once the material dries and hardens, abrasive removal is required.


• SHELF LIFE – CUTDOWN® II should be used within 12 months of manufacture and should be stored in cool, shaded areas. Protect from heat, direct sun and freezing. Temperatures above 75°F will significantly shorten shelf life. Do not store above 90° or allow to freeze.
• Not for use over new concrete or where epoxy floor coatings are applied directly over CUTDOWN® II membrane. Consider DEPENDABLE VAPORSEAL products.
• Application area should be conditioned at 70°F with maximum humidity of 60% for 48 hrs. prior to and 72 hrs. after application. Concrete slab temperature must be minimum of 55°F. Do not apply over existing coatings, sealers or floor coverings.
• Extreme care should be taken with any operations on the CUTDOWN® II membrane so as not to damage or debond the membrane before covering. Protect from contamination and traffic.
• Cover CUTDOWN® II within 48-72 hours.
• Do not use over soft, heavy cutback or other spongy surfaces, as film will crack and isolation will fail.
• Do not nail into or penetrate CUTDOWN® II membrane.
• Not recommended where high alkalinity exists. If pH exceeds 12, take measures to reduce it.
• Not an adhesive, wear layer or topping.
• Not warranted to reduce emission levels greater than 15 lbs. MVER or relative humidity in slab exceeding 90% at any time during service life (5 years). If subsequent moisture levels may be higher or hydrostatic water (liquid) may occur, use VAPORSEAL products, not CUTDOWN® II.
• Not designed to have regular contact with liquid water.
• Not warranted for use on residential wood floors.