vaporseal HMVAPORSEAL™-HM is a two-part 100% solid epoxy moisture mitigation system. It is a moisture tolerant and VOC-Compliant product that blocks alkalinity, while limiting the transmission of moisture, odor and other elements through concrete slabs.

VAPORSEAL™-HM is compatible with most flooring adhesives and cementitious underlayments. VAPORSEAL™-HM features a rapid curing time for faster job completion. It allows the direct bond of most industrial coatings, floor level products and some adhesive systems. VAPORSEAL™-HM comes as a 1 to 1 mix ratio that simplifies application.

10 Gallon Kit (86 lbs)

Part A: 5 gallons (Resin)

Part B: 5 gallons (Hardener)


All areas to be treated must be tested in accordance with ASTM F-2170 (Standard Test Method for Determining Relative Humidity in Concrete Floor Slabs Using in situ Probes). Anhydrous Calcium Chloride tests (ASTM F-1869-11) may be used only where HVAC is on 24×7 at least one week before and during tests and only by approval of Dependable Technical Services. New concrete: Testing sample cores of concrete slab for presence of sealers or other bond breakers is strongly recommended. To obtain warranty, fill out warranty application. Floor area, location of tests, ambient temperatures and humidities during tests should be recorded and mapped, with at least one test performed for each 1000 sq. ft. of floor surface to be treated. 



All surface must be clean, sound, solid, open pore and absorptive. Slab must be at least 4” thick and any distinct layer at least 2” thick to be considered structurally sound. Repair and leveling layers containing latex or other components generally prevent absorption and proper bond and should be removed. Surface should be mechanically prepared to achieve a surface profile of ICRI CSP 3-5 (Int. Concrete Repair Inst.) Bead or shotblast strongly preferred, Hydrodemolition is acceptable. Acid etching is not permitted, nor chemical remediation of any adhesive residues. Surface must be clean, completely free of dust, dirt, paint, sealer or any contaminant which might interfere with penetration or bond. Do not apply to floors which have sealers or bond breakers applied unless completely removed. Quick tests to help determine clean, open and absorptive concrete use duct tape and water drops. If duct tape is firmly applied to surface and pulls up dust, floor is not sufficiently cleaned. If dime size water drops placed at several locations on prepared floor do not readily absorb into concrete within 30 seconds or beads up, surface is not sufficiently absorptive. In all cases, thorough vacuuming (with dust containment filter) is needed before application. Cleaning with pressure washer may be advisable in some cases and damp mopping is minimum requirement. Leveling should be done on top of VAPORSEAL-HM with suitable repair materials such as SKIMFLOW ES or SKIMCRETE XL.


DEPENDABLE strongly recommends cores samples be taken and lab tested for penetration of the slab by any sealers, oils, adhesives, or other bond breakers. We do not warranty Alkali Silica Reaction and other problems. Cores through slab can indicate absence or failure of moisture barrier or presence of aggregate between membrane and slab. DEPENDABLE does not warrant penetration and bond where cores are not tested unless and until project owner submits cores and lab establishes that no impediment to bond and penetration was present.

Existing Tile

VAPORSEAL-HM may be used to seal well bonded terrazzo and quarry tile if absorptive. Remove terrazzo strips by grinding out to assure no movement or expansion from corrosion. Terrazzo should be shotblast and quarry tile should be scarified to remove glaze or sealers and allow Vaporseal-HM to penetrate into material.


Expansion (cold or construction) joints should be left intact. VAPORSEAL-HM is not warranted against structural movement at expansion joints. To help reduce moisture emissions through expansion joints, coat the walls and bottom of the cleaned joint with VAPORSEAL-HM. Once allowed to dry, an expansion joint cover or an elastomeric sealant may be used. For concrete slabs over 6 months old, sawcut (control) joints and cracks should be filled by pouring VAPORSEAL-HM full depth or to 3/4 of joint depth. If filling to 3/4 depth pour silica quartz into VAPORSEAL-HM to create a mortar. Sweep away excess sand and proceed with VAPORSEAL-HM installation.


Use chemical resistant gloves and goggles when mixing or applying VAPORSEAL-HM. VAPORSEAL-HM is packaged in 2 Parts: Part A and B, separate pails. Part A and Part B are supplied in the appropriate mix ratio (50:50 by weight). You will need to supply a clean mixing container and use it as your Mixing Pail. Pour Part A (Resin) into mixing pail first, then add in Part B (Hardener). Mix thoroughly. Mixing is accomplished mechanically with an appropriate mix paddle. Mix for 4-5 minutes at about 300 rpm to produce a streak free, homogenous product. Care must be taken to mix all the product and avoid any action that might entrap air. DO NOT THIN the product.


Application Conditions

Slab (surface) and air temperature must be 55°F or greater. Product must be kept between 60°F and 75°F at time of mixing. Colder or warmer temperatures can significantly retard or advance working and cure times respectively.Tools needed: 3/16 V-Notch Squeegee, short nap synthetic roller and frame, high quality stiff bristle masonry brush or broom. To ensure proper coverage rate, measure out the area of floor intended to be covered. Mark with tape or otherwise measure out the area of floor intended to be covered by the container or containers mixed. Film gauges are recommended to check the thickness of the wet material. Follow the coverage rate from appropriate emission rate (see chart). Millage thickness may vary with porosity but overall coverage of 70-110 sf/gallon must be maintained. Very rough or porous concrete may require heavier application rate. Adjust the procedure to achieve the recommended coverage rate. Recommended coverage rates are the maximum rates of coverage allowed. Pour a strip of DEPENDABLE VAPORSEAL-HM across the surface. Move with a squeegee or back roll in a uniform thickness. Back roll to achieve a uniform coverage and smoother surface.


Before covering VAPORSEAL-HM, be sure to check temperature, relative humidity and dew point. Proceed only when in safe area.


VAPORSEAL-HM may be exposed to foot traffic once it has completely hardened. If the product becomes wet, it may become slippery. When exposed to traffic, thoroughly clean with soap and water and allow to dry before proceeding.


Must cover within 3-5 days. First, thoroughly check the coating for any fish eyes or pinholes which would be a weak point in the membrane. Grind these areas and clean off residue. Make sure the surface is dry and re-coat. Many latex based adhesives require a leveling layer to absorb moisture from adhesive. DEPENDABLE always recommends installing a protective leveler over VAPORSEAL-HM to protect from disturbance if the floor covering is ever changed. Most cement and gypsum based underlayments and toppings, epoxy coatings, terrazzo and floor coverings should be applied within the 5 day recoat time. Many adhesives and materials will bond directly over VAPORSEAL-HM where required.


Treat the substrate as non-porous, using the appropriate primer for self-leveling products such as for DEPENDABLE SKIMFLOW® ES, coat with PRIMER SL™, and follow the product instructions. Trowel applied patching materials like SKIMCRETE® XL may be applied directly to the coating.


Floor covering adhesives that are applied directly to the membrane should follow instructions for bonding to a non-porous substrate. The adhesive will require a longer tack time. Follow the product information for installation times. Many floor covering systems require a smooth, level substrate.


Clean tools and equipment with xylene immediately after using. Wash hands and skin with soap or industrial hand cleaner, not solvent. Cured material must be removed mechanically.


Requires Dependable’s approval before installation. Consult with DEPENDABLE and/or your DEPENDABLE sales representative regarding warranty requirements.


• Not a wear surface or topping
• Do not apply over a slab while experiencing hydraulic pressure.
• MVER may fluctuate within slab areas and can have significant seasonal variations.
• Do not apply over existing coatings, sealers or floor  coverings.
• Do not apply where either slab or air temperature falls below 50°F (10°C) at or within 72 hours after installation.
• Do not use where temperature will exceed 125°F.
• Do not apply to concrete slabs with less than 3000 psi compressive strength. (Consult DEPENDABLE Technical Services).
• Protect the area to be treated from strong sunlight, wind or drafts.
• Acid Etching should not be used as a method of preparation.
• Do not apply to new concrete slabs until at least 7 days old.
• Do not apply where VAPORSEAL-HM will receive unprotected exposure to sunlight or UV radiation.
• Terrazzo strips may move and may corrode, therefore  VAPORSEAL-HM is not warranted over terrazzo strips.
• Can NOT be sprayed.