GSL® PRIMER is an easy to install solvent-free stabilized vinyl acetate-ethylene based primer designed to enhance the bond between GSL® (family of products) and various substrates.

GSL® primed substrates enable maximum bond strength for self-leveling applications. GSL® PRIMER is re-emulsifiable and easy to install, using a roller, soft bristle broom, brush or spray.

Features and Benefits

  • Enhances bond to sub-floor
  • Re-emulsifiable
  • Simple Application
  • For higher yield, dilute with water (substrate dependent)

  • 5 gallon bucket
  • 55 gallon drum


270 – 320 sq. ft. / per gallon of GSL® PRIMER solution (1:4)

Prepare subfloor per instructions of GSL® K2.6, GSL® M3.4, GSL® CSD, GSL® RH or applied self-leveling product. Ensure substrate is free of dust, dirt and bond breakers prior to installation.

•  Use a long handle roller, soft bristle broom, brush or spray to apply.

•  Ensure a complete and uniform coverage. Allow to become very tacky or dry (about 1 hour).

•  Coverage rate varies depending upon surface porosity, however, 270-320 sq. ft. per gallon can be expected.

When applying GSL® Primer on wood or above grade fully cured concrete; GSL® Primer can be diluted with water.  This should be done on a 1 part GSL® Primer to 4 part water ratio. Mix using a low-speed mixer and Jiffy mixing paddle. Do not mix at high speeds as this can create foam in the product.

When applying GSL® Primer on a substrate where moisture drive is present; it is recommended that priming take place in two steps.

  • First, apply Dependable’s Consolicrete™ or GSL® Sealer, depending on RH in substrate, according to application directions.
  • Then apply GSL® Primer following directions for wood or above grade fully cured concrete.  Contact Dependable technical support for additional questions.

Freeze/Thaw Stable

GSL® Primer is not recommended to be used after freezing. However, if frozen allow to thaw at room temperature of 70ºF. Stir the product once completely thawed and if no coagulation is present GSL® Primer can be used according to application directions.


•  Do not use in exterior applications

•  Shelf life: 9 months from date of manufacture

•  Follow GSL® K2.6 and GSL® M3.4 guidelines for recommended temperature ranges of application