PRIMER SL™PRIMER SL™ is a re-emulsifiable latex based primer compatible with the latex in Dependable’s self leveling underlayments and toppings used to prepare interior floors. Used on all surfaces with Dependable self leveling materials at full strength to maintain warranties

Features and Benefits

  • Self-leveling applications
  • Porous Substrates

  • 5 gallon bucket with pour spout
  • 1 gallon bottle

Properly prepare subfloor to receive PRIMER SL™ according to instructions of individual self-leveling product.

SHAKE or STIR before application.

Using a long handle roller, soft bristle broom or brush, apply Dependable PRIMER SL™ at full strength (Do NOT Dilute) . Ensure a complete and uniform coverage. Allow to become very tacky or dry (about 1 hour).

Coverage rate varies depending upon surface porosity, however, 260-300 sq. ft. per gallon can be expected.

Freeze/Thaw Stable

If frozen allow to thaw at room temperature of 70ºF. Stir. If smooth, primer should be safe to use.