SKIMFLOW® ES is a modern formula Portland and Aluminate cement based self-leveling underlayment, which is fortified with latex polymer used to level or smooth most properly prepared substrates.

Extended working time (30 minutes) allows a more consistent finish by alleviating seams or cold joints, which may occur when using products having less working time. It leaves a finished surface, which can withstand temporary construction traffic, that is ideal for most floor covering systems

Features and Benefits

  • Long working time – approximately flowable 30 minutes
  • Pours up to 1-1/2” thick
  • Excellent healing properties – self healing
  • Depth may be extended with aggregate
  • Withstands construction/renovation traffic
  • An economical solution to a smooth level floor
  • Superior heal
  • Thicker/deeper pours
  • Aluminate cement promotes better flowability


  • 50 lb. (22 kg.) Bag Kraft paper, double wall bag


  • 5 gallon pail (18.93 L) with pour spout
  • 1 gallon bottle (3.78 L) with pour spout


For best performance and to maintain guarantee, DEPENDABLE PRIMER SL™ must be used on all surfaces. (Use of other primers voids all warranties.) All supporting surfaces shall be structurally sound, solid and stable. They shall be free of dust, oil, grease, paint, tar or other contaminants that may act as a bond breaker. Application over textured surfaces will give the best bond. Concrete that has been steel trowelled should be scarified or bead blasted to give a suitable bonding surface. A CSP (concrete surface profile) of at least three is recommended.

Properly prepared exterior grade plywood may be covered, but may require an additive or metal lath reinforcement to increase flexural strength. Consult Technical Assistance.

A test patch for adhesion should be performed if the installer is in doubt. Before starting installation, establish the level around the area to be filled with a transit, level or laser device. Mark a “do not exceed” level around room or area perimeter by snapping a line or marking a minimum level by setting coated nails or screws just below the level to be achieved.

Subsurface must be essentially watertight, as SKIMFLOW® ES is extremely flowable. Make sure any holes, cracks, etc. that would permit material through to a lower level are patched or filled with DEPENDABLE SKIMCRETE® XL prior to priming.


Using a long-handled roller, soft bristle broom or paint brush apply PRIMER SL™, full strength at a rate of 250-300 sq. ft. per gallon. Evenly coat the entire surface. Allow to dry and become tacky (about 1 hour). Do not apply in excessive amounts and avoid puddling or pooling. PRIMER SL™ must be dry and tacky before covering.


Use a clean mixing container, pour in proper amount of clean, cool potable water, and add powder slowly. Water/powder ratio is 5 quarts of water to 50 pounds of powder. Start mixing, as bags are added, at slow speed (150-450 RPM) using a mixing paddle or similar tool designed to avoid air entrapment. Once material is well wetted by liquid, mixing speed may be increased to 1000-1200 RPM max. Again avoiding air entrapment, mix 2-3 minutes to a homogenous lump-free mixture. Do not shake. SKIMFLOW® ES can be mixed in large quantity mortar mixers or special pumps or in smaller quantities (up to 2 bags at a time) in a 40 gallon container.

If a problem is encountered with the mixing device getting a lump and powder free mix, try starting with 2/3 of proper water, adding powder until just wetted, then adding remainder of water and thoroughly mixing. A screen may also be used in large scale mixers.


Skimflow ES ImagePump or pour entire container of mix on floor after allowing the air bubbles to rise to the top after a minute or two. Do not over-water, and do not re-temper or add water. Dependable SKIMFLOW® ES underlayment is highly flowable for 25-30 minutes at 70°F (21°C). It can be moved with a screed set to an appropriate depth. Material can be worked or walked through after 30 minutes, but may require smoothing. Once SKIMFLOW® ES starts to set (about 45 minutes), stay off floor until set. If a fine edge is desired, edge should be steel trowelled after initial set but before completely hard. The underlayment hardens in 1-2 hours and is ready for floor covering within 8-24 hours. Begin at a corner of room or at a deep part of fill. Plan the pour before starting. Either work back and forth along a line of the room or from the center of the fill outwards in all directions to keep pouring against the freshest material possible.

Lightly work the transition points between pours and material over or under desired depth with a screed set to the desired depth or lightweight float or straightedge. Any imperfection can be smoothed by surface trowelling or drawing a straightedge over the surface. Direct sunlight, heat and wind can cause rapid drying of the product which may reduce working time. To avoid rapid drying, provide protection against these elements.


SKIMFLOW ES Image 2Designed for interior use . Material can be pumped, but mixing must be continuous and pump and hose should be cleaned immediately.

Do not use…

• Where either the surface or air temperature falls below 50°F (10°C) or above 85°F (29°C) within 72 hours after installation.

• When finished floor is subject to freeze (32°F or 0°C) any time within 7 days.

• Where hydrostatic pressure or excessive moisture conditions exist.

• Over particle board, presswood, masonite, chipboard, Luaun, or similar dimensionally unstable materials or any substrate not well bonded or free of movement.

• Over metal, lightweight (acoustical) concrete or other gypsum floor patches and materials, petroleum or solvent residue or spills, or other contaminants.