SKIMFLOW® TT (Traffic Topping) is a cementitious, self-leveling wear resistant topping designed for interior structural floors.

SKIMFLOW® TT is a blend of hydraulic cements and is rated as a traffic grade topping. It can be polished in as little as 36 hours.

Features and Benefits

  •  Excellent bond and flexural strengths
  •  Self-leveling from 1/4″ to 1″ (6mm to 2.5 cm)
  •  Accepts foot traffic in 4 hours for rapid turnaround
  •  Will not dust or powder
  •  Reduces labor costs, may be pumped with standard equipment for ease in placement
  •  Compatible with most tile and carpet adhesives, polymer and acrylic coatings


• 50 lb. (22.7 kg.) Bag


• 5 gallon pail (18.93 L) with pour spout

• 1 gallon bottle (3.78 L) with pour spout


All substrates must be mechanically solid. Remove unsound, loose, broken or carbonated concrete from substrate. Curing or sealing compounds, residual adhesive, oil, wax, grease or any other surface contamination that might act as a bond breaker must be removed prior to SKIMFLOW® TT application.

Fill large cracks, holes and voids prior to SKIMFLOW® TT placement. Filling of large surface imperfections is recommended to avoid showing through SKIMFLOW® TT, although movement of substrate may translate imperfections though SKIMFLOW® TT. SKIMCRETE® CP is recommended for this application.

Contraction joints, control joints or any other moving crack must be maintained through the surface. Mark their location for later saw cutting of the SKIMFLOW® TT, or fill with flexible sealing compound specifically designed for such an application. Failure to honor these joints through SKIMFLOW® TT will result in cracking of the wear-surface.


A 100% solids epoxy, with sand broadcast must be used as the primer for SKIMFLOW® TT. Prior to pouring the epoxy, mechanically prepare the concrete substrate by reaching a CSP rating of 3; this typically requires shot-blasting. After installing the epoxy, insert sand broadcast into the epoxy using a 20-30 mesh sand. Most epoxies require 0.5-1 lb of sand per square foot, but place sand into the epoxy until rejection. Consult CANREZ 100 (Cansto Coatings) technical data sheet, or the manufacturer of the 100% solids epoxy for installation details.


Hand mixing tools should include the following: Mixing barrel, gauged spreader, porcupine roller, 1⁄2” (1.3 cm) or larger heavy duty drill tted with a mixing prop or jiffy blade.


Mix each 50 lb. (22.7 Kg) bag of SKIMFLOW® TT with exactly 5 quarts (4.75 l) of potable water. DO NOT OVER WATER. SKIMFLOW® TT should be mixed two bags at a time. Add SKIMFLOW® TT to the water in the barrel at a steady rate while mixing (min. 600 rpm) with a drill and paddle. Mixing for 2-3 minutes should achieve a lump-free mix.


Pour the SKIMFLOW® TT from the mixing barrel onto the area to be leveled. Spread out using gauged spreader tool set to the desired depth. Use spiked roller to disperse air bubbles. Repeat mixing and pouring until installation is complete. Use smoother for touch-ups. To avoid low spots between pours, pour into leading edge of previous pour before initial set and spread.


For consistent installation SKIMFLOW® TT can be pumped to the application site. The applicator lays down a succession of 3-6 inch (7.6-15 cm) ribbons of SKIMFLOW® TT into the leading edge of the preceding section. Spread out using gauged spreader tool set to desired depth. Use a smoother for touch-ups. Typically, 10,000-50,000 sq. ft. (900-4500 m2) at 1⁄4” (0.6 cm) can be placed per day. Use within 15 minutes of mixing. For best results ambient and surface temperatures should be between 50° – 90°F (10°-32°C).


SKIMFLOW® TT can be applied neat at a depth range of 1/4” to 1” (6 mm to 2.5 cm). SKIMFLOW® TT should be applied at a minimum depth of 3/8” when being used as a polished surface. Aggregate extension is not recommended. For depths greater than 1” SKIMCRETE® CP is recommended as a repair mortar. Contact Dependable technical department for further information.


Clean tools and equipment before material dries and hardens with water. If SKIMFLOW® TT allows to cure on tools, mechanical removal will be necessary.


Store unopened bags in cool, dry area on pallets. Shelf life is one year from date of manufacture. Do not allow SKIMFLOW® TT to freeze.


Consult Dependable SKIMFLOW® TT Finish Guidelines for information on surface protection and polishing.


• Exposure to direct sunlight and draft should be avoided during and shortly after placement of SKIMFLOW® TT.

• Follow standard concrete placement practices in very cold or very hot temperatures.

• Do not place when air or surface temperature is below 50°F or above 90oF

• SKIMFLOW® TT is formulated for interior use only. Do not place in areas subject to freeze/thaw cycling or precipitation.

• SKIMFLOW® TT will telegraph cracking from substrates that are subject to movement, SKIMFLOW® TT is not rated as a structural wear surface.

• For best surface appearance cold joints must be avoided, temperature will affect working time.