Dependable’s KeedeBand™ is a triple layer waterproofing band designed for the KeedeRoll™ 300 uncoupling mat. It is designed to be used under the seams and the perimeter of the wall where of KeedeRoll™ 300 is used. KeedeBand™ completes the waterproofing system of the Dependable KeedeRoll™ 300.

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KeedeRoll™ 100 may be applied over both plywood and OSB flooring. The flooring must be structurally sound and built to code with movement joints placed in accordance to industry standards.

Substrate Preparation 

• Ensure the subfloor is properly fastened, structurally sound and built to code.
• Clear any dust, paint, oil, wax or potential bond breaker from the floor. Consult Dependable Technical Services if you have any questions.
• The subfloor MUST be flat and level. If leveling is required use a Dependable self-leveler or patching product such as Skimflow ES or Skimcrete XL. Consult the product’s data sheet for details.

Thin-set Mortar and Grout

• Any modified thin-set in accordance with ANSI A118.14 or ANSI A118.11.
• Any unmodified thin-set in accordance with ANSI A118.1.


Follow these steps for waterproofing only

• Apply thin-set at the wall joints.

• Place KeedeRoll 300 5” waterproofing band (KeedeBand) in the center between the wall and floor.

• Trace additional thin-set over the tape using the flat side of the trowel ensuring 100% bond and no excess mortar or air pockets.

• Install KeedeRoll 300 per instructions on KeedeRoll 300 technical data sheet.

• Place additional tape below where one roll ends and a new roll begins, and where no selvage edge is provided. Secure with mortar on top and bottom. Cover with KeedeRoll 300.


Call technical services at 1-800-227-3434 with any questions regarding the installation of KeedeRoll 100