20 November

“Bubbles in a Strand Bamboo Floor Create a Sticky Mess”

“The Problem

About six months after installation, bubbles started to appear on top of a strand bamboo floor. I was called by the homeowners after they were unhappy with the results from the retailer’s inspection.

The Procedure

The home was about 30 years old and was located in Florida. The flooring was a 5/8-inch-thick, 3-inch-wide plank glued directly to a slab on grade. There was about 1,400 square feet of the flooring installed throughout most of the main living areas. The flooring had acclimated inside the home with the air conditioning running for a month before installation.

The homeowner installed the flooring himself, and he used the adhesive recommended for the product, which is a two-step urethane that is both an adhesive and a moisture inhibitor. When used correctly, its label says it provides protection for up to 85 percent RH in the slab. The homeowner didn’t do any moisture testing, and he said he didn’t need it since the slab was 30 years old…”

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“Bubbles in a Strand Bamboo Floor Create a Sticky Mess”
Pro Hardwood Floors
By: Jason Cantin
October/November 2013

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