CUTDOWN II Warranty Registration

Procedures for Obtaining a CUTDOWN II Warranty

1. Follow all procedures including moisture testing and document for pre-installation.

2. Install the material according to directions.

3. Complete the form.

Please select a valid form

Dependable, LLC warrants and guarantees to the original owner of the installation that DEPENDABLE CUTDOWN®II, when used in accordance with the current instructions and technical bulletins, will reduce moisture emission rates (MVER) up to 15 lbs. per 24 hours per 1000 square feet to a moisture emission rate of less than 3 lbs. or such higher value as required by the manufacturer of the floor covering used in the installation, provided that there is a test performed on the floor slab immediately prior to installation of CUTDOWN®II to establish an MVER of 15 lbs. or less at that time and provided DEPENDABLE may inspect and test the undisturbed installation at the time of failure to establish that the MVER is still 15 lbs. or less. In the event of damage or failure of flooring caused by excessive moisture emissions under this warranty, DEPENDABLE shall provide all labor and material to repair or remove and replace the floorcovering placed over CUTDOWN®II (including any costs of removal of old material) with a floor of similar quality for the same period of time and at the same proportion of replacement cost coverage as the manufacturer of the original floor covering material placed over CUTDOWN® II offers for the replacement of its product, provided that DEPENDABLE is given proof of purchase of sufficient CUTDOWN® II to provide the recommended coverage rate on the installed floor. In the event that CUTDOWN®II is used only to isolate adhesive residues, DEPENDABLE warrants that the residue shall not bleed through CUTDOWN®II for five years (but does not warrant moisture performance at same time). This warranty is limited to five (5) years after installation and conditioned upon DEPENDABLE being given notice of such failure within 5 years after the initial installation of CUTDOWN®II and within 30 days after the first discovery of the defect attributed to such installation, whichever occurs first. This warranty is NON TRANSFERRABLE and is void in the event that the floor covering placed over CUTDOWN®II is disturbed or replaced prior to failure of the product and inspection by DEPENDABLE.

DEPENDABLE makes no warranty as to merchantability or fitness for a particular use and this limited warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, and no salesman, agent, distributor, or dealer has authority to expand, alter or  waive these provisions.