5 September


DEPENDABLE, LLC Launches VAPORSEAL-HM a new 100% solid epoxy moisture mitigation system for concrete slabs. VAPORSEAL-HM is a high performance product treating areas where the relative humidity is up to 100% and has an outstanding perm rating of 0.06. VAPORSEAL-HM is simple to use with a one to one mix ratio and long shelf life of up to two years.”

vaporseal HM

VAPORSEAL-HM is the next step forward in moisture technology. We created this product to make it easy for the installer to use. Mixing is simple with a one to one ratio. With no VOCs and 100% solids it’s easily beneficial on the customers end as well,” says Joe Hostler, General Manager of Dependable.

VAPORSEAL-HM comes as a two-part kit including a lid with a spout for easy pouring and mixing. The kit is 10 gallons total and can cover up to 700 sq. ft. of surface.


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