26 February

“Good News for Fly Ash”

Dependable’s Skimcrete® CP, a fly ash based product is a great way to support the environment. Fly Ash is a very safe product for use in concrete and reduces the manufacturing of cement in turn reducing greenhouse gasses. The article below examines the use of fly ash in greater detail.


“How many of you believe that we are running out of high quality fly ash? According to Rafic Minkara, president of Headwaters Resources, none of us should raise our hand because he insists there is plenty. But he also notes that the use of fly ash in concrete has been declining slightly, at least in part due to uncertainty over whether the Environmental Protection Agency will declare fly ash a hazardous waste. Perhaps that will change though following a recent report from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that states very directly that fly ash used in concrete is safe—better than safe since it consumes a byproduct that would otherwise end up in a landfill and reduces cement manufacturing which generates greenhouse gases…”


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“Good News for Fly Ash”

Concrete Construction
February 2014
By: Bill Palmer

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