2 July

Gypsum Floor Patches- An Excellent Choice!

There is a large variety of floor patching products on the market today. A patch can be used to fill cracks, voids and even level high spots. Patching underlayments are troweled and are designed to fill irregularities in the substrate and or give a smooth finish to the floor.Gypsum Floor Patches from DEPENDABLE

Patches come in both gypsum and cement base. Gypsum patches have been in the industry for over 60 years and there are many reasons why they have stayed popular all these years. Gypsum patches are fast drying in thin applications, they have fewer ingredients, and they are generally more consistent in workability and performance. This in turn causes for less issues. A large benefit to gypsum is that gypsum gains its strength as soon as its dries, versus cement, which may take days or even weeks to dry. Gypsum patches must have mildewcide protectants added into the powder.  For added mildewcide protection an additive such as Dependable’s WHITE LATEX LIQUID may be recommended. Gypsum has come a long way in its technological advances and is a product in high demand among contractors.



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