12 November

“Industry Q&A: Fishman’s Mabeus On Proper Slab Preparation”

“Bill Mabeus, vice president of sales for Fishman Flooring Solutions, has been involved in evaluating and preparing thousands of slabs for flooring installations during his more than 30 years in the flooring industry. He recently shared with Floor Trends his unique perspectives on why the proper preparation of surfaces is so important to architects, designers, specifiers, building owners and end users. He also discussed some of the issues with slabs that need to be addressed to ensure a successful flooring installation.

How would you assess the importance of properly preparing slabs for flooring installations?

Mabeus: Proper slab preparation is one of the most important factors in successfully installing a floor. Taking shortcuts in the process can result in flooring failures, unsightly show-through of slab imperfections, a shortened flooring life and even loss of warranty, all of which will result in end users who are not satisfied. Regardless of the type of flooring to be installed, proper installation always begins with proper slab prep.

Could you put a price tag on the annual costs to building owners, contractors and others when uninformed decisions are made about slab preparation?

Mabeus: I can’t quote a specific number, but the price tag is astronomical. Moisture failures alone are costing building owners tens of millions of dollars per year. That’s why testing for moisture is now a standard requirement at most commercial flooring companies…”


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Industry Q&A: Fishman’s Mabeus on Proper Slab Preparation

Floor Trends Magazine

By: Bill Mabeus

October, 2016

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