QQ Step Soft™


QQ Step Soft™ is a recycled rubber flooring underlayment for sound isolation, impact noise control and crack isolation.

The rubber material provides a resilient layer within the flooring assembly for reducing vibration noise. QQ Step Soft is a critical component in meeting International Building Code requirements for ceiling/floor noise reduction performance.

QQ Step Soft passes the Federal Flammability Standard, meets CHPS standards for VOCs, and passes the ASTM C627 reliability standard for residential use.

Features and Benefits

  • Offered in 2-15mm thickness
  • Effective impact noise reduction
  • Crack Isolation Capabilities
  • Engineered hardness
  • Increased dynamic-to-static load ratio
  • Recycled material
  • Low VOC content
  • High density
  • Low compressibility
  • 95% + recycled material
  • LEED eligible