SKIMFLOW® ES is a premium fast drying, blended calcium aluminate and portland cement based self-leveling underlayment that may be used for leveling and smoothing of floors for tile, stone resilient wood, carpet and other floor coverings. SKIMFLOW ES seeks its own level providing excellent working time and delivers compressive strengths over 4200 psi and may be covered in less than 24 hours. SKIMFLOW ES may be used as a temporary wear surface during construction provided the installation was per manufacturers written instructions.

Features and Benefits

  • SKIMFLOW ES offers an extended working time to reduce the chances of a cold joint forming.
  • Self-drying: walkable in 2-4 hours and ready for floor coverings no later than 24 hours. Perfect for fast track applications.
  • Hard surface capable of withstanding trade traffic before installation of floor coverings.
  • Suitable for finished flooring such as vinyl, LVT, carpet, engineered wood, ceramic tile & others.