SKIMFLOW® HPI is a engineered gypsum cement self-leveling underlayment for use over interior surfaces. It can be pumped or poured and delivers high strength, good water resistance and outstanding adhesion. Applications from as thin as 1/8” and as thick as 3” depth can be achieved in a single pour. SKIMFLOW HPI remains flowable for 20 minutes, yet will withstand foot traffic at any depth in 2-3 hours. This product offers high density, yet less finished weight and more flexibility than Portland cement self-levelers.

Features and Benefits

  •  Outstanding flexural strength
  •  Suitable for plywood subfloors
  •  Great for use over lightweight and gypsum subfloors
  •  Durable high strength specialty cement
  •  Outstanding heal
  •  Non-alkaline – adhesive friendly
  •  Can pour up to 3” in a single pour
  •  Withstands construction/renovation traffic
  •  As little as 1/8” coverage over other surfaces (example: radiant heat tubing)
  •  Eliminates dusting/adhesion problems