VAPORSEAL™ HM PLUS is a two part, 100% solids epoxy moisture mitigation system for the control of vapor emissions in concrete. VAPORSEAL HM PLUS is an effective barrier to moisture up to 100% relative humidity (ASTM F2170-11), and/or 25 lbs MVER (ASTM F1869-11). VAPORSEAL HM PLUS’ low viscosity allows for fast and easy installation over existing and green (7 day old) concrete. 

VAPORSEAL HM PLUS utilizes advanced epoxy resin systems (Benzyl Alcohol and Nonylphenol free), is VOC compliant resistant to high pH levels making it a perfect solution for concrete subject to high moisture content (RH). VAPORSEAL HM PLUS meets ASTM F3170-13 standards when tested per ASTM E96 at 12 mils thickness. 

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