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Project Profile: NoCal Custom Home using Skimflow LP + KeedeLath


Residential Home Livermore, CA KEEDELATH™ SKIMFLOW® LP Dependable is excited to be involved in the building process of an 8,000 sq. ft. home in Livermore, CA. The homeowners used KEEDELATH™ and SKIMFLOW® LP for their floor prep needs. After a radiant heating system was in place, workers installed KEEDELATH. This product was implemented into the…

Project Profile – “Skim in the Gym”

Skim in the Gym - Site Header

For many, a high school gym is a place where memories are made: a buzzer beater to win the state title, a first kiss at prom, etc. Years later, it can be hard to let go of the nostalgia… However, nostalgia comes second to the safety of those who utilize the gym on a regular…

Project Profile on Apartment, Denver CO

Project Profile on Apartment, Denver CO

This private apartment located in Denver, CO was in need of a new floor. Trained flooring contractors installed the durable, high strength GSL® K2.6, a gypsum self leveling underlayment to the subfloor. In a single pour, applications from 0.375” up to 3” depth can be achieved. The medium flow GSL®  with self-leveling consistency remains placable for nearly 30 minutes, yet…

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