1 October

“Step by Step: How to Get a Concrete Slab Ready for Wood Floors”

” Not doing the right prep on a slab can result in embarrassing problems, such as floating floors with so much deflection that the lamp on the end table shakes back and forth when someone walks by. To avoid that and other problems, there are steps we follow to ensure the slab is clean, flat and (relatively) dry. With a sand-and-finish floor, good prep helps eliminate chatter and other problems. For floating floors, it helps eliminate separation and deflection. For glue-down wood floors, good prep makes the actual installation easier, creating efficiencies in production. It also helps eliminate hollow spots and other movement, which are common customer complaints. A little extra time spent prepping the slab benefits our company and results in high-quality work…”

Learn about the important steps for installing a wood floor over a concrete slab, link below!


By: Kevin Mullany
March 2003
Hardwood Floors Magazine

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