Vaporseal™ Hospital Expansion Case Study


Hospital Expansion
Cincinnati, Ohio

This hospital expansion project located in Cincinnati, OH began its expansion in 2012. The hospital will be one of the few hospitals in the country to offer a main facility with a focus on orthopedics, sports medicine, neurosurgery, research and many other sub-specialty services in the Joint and Spine Center.

With any large expansion, completing the project on time became an issue. Fast tracking the project was key for keeping the budget and facility completion on track. Dependable’s VAPORSEAL™-HM did just that. VAPORSEAL™-HM is a two-part 100% solid epoxy moisture mitigation system for floors. It is a moisture tolerant and VOC-Compliant product that limits alkalinity and the transmission of moisture, odor and other elements through concrete slabs. One of its best features is a rapid curing time, perfect for this hospital expansion. The new concrete pour had high levels of moisture, but waiting for the concrete to sit and dry was not an option. The concrete came back testing at an average of 97% RH per ASTM F2170 testing. Installing certain floor covering over that high of moisture would cause the flooring to fail. VAPORSEAL™-HM was then installed bringing the RH levels down to an appropriate number in order to continue the floor preparation.

The hospitals modern look includes many glass walls and doors, which require perfectly flat floors. After VAPORSEAL™-HM was applied, it needed to be primed with Dependable’s Primer SL™. Primer SL™ is zero VOC, re-emulsifiable latex based primer. Next, the floor was leveled with Dependable’s Skimflow® ES. Skimflow® ES is a self-leveling underlayment used to level and smooth substrates before your final flooring is applied. It has an extended working time of 30 minutes, which allows a more consistent finished surface.

With the use of all three Dependable products: VAPORSEAL™-HM, Primer SL™, and Skimflow® ES, the floors are properly prepared and ready for the final floor covering installation.

This hospital expansion is still under construction today with plans to open their new center in the Summer of 2015.