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“Reducing the Moisture Content in Poured Concrete Slabs”

“…As environmental and workplace-safety regulations have limited the use of solvents in recent years, adhesives manufacturers have introduced water-based formulas with greatly reduced VOC emissions. For all their upsides, these adhesive formulas are less tolerant of moisture, making excessive moisture in concrete slabs a significant concern with certain types of flooring. When testing reveals that…

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“ Decorative Concrete and Toppings: Proper Prep and Installation”

Decorative Concrete Slabs require a more detailed surface preparation.  “Coatings for Industry. Kevin Klotz, president, said his company offers decorative floor coatings including flake, quartz and clear sealers for stains and dyes. “Our recommended preparation procedure for a pre-existing slab would be to clean and degrease the slab through use of detergents, pressure washing and…

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“Resilient Flooring Adhesives: Working with the Right Product”

“With the popularity of LVT still high, resilient flooring shows no signs of slowing down. More customers looking to have resilient installed in both residential and commercial settings have brought new advances to the segment as manufacturers look to create products for every type of resilient floor, and for every type of setting. Question is,…

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