23 May

The Great White Patch

Skimming gypsum substrates can be difficult, but Dependable has a new solution for repairing gypsum concrete.  When you need to smooth a gypsum floor, Dependable’s new POLYSKIM® offers a superior solution to your problem.

Gypsum floors present a tricky solution for flooring installers. Unlike other substrates, gypsum’s parched surface force installers to meticulously prepare the floor to ensure good bond. Traditional cementitious underlayments can also de-bond if proper care is not taken to ensure their usability.

POLYSKIM solves these problems.

POLYSKIM is Dependable’s NEW great white patch, designed for use over gypsum surfaces, and suitable for skim coating wood and some concrete substrates. POLYSKIM is highly polymer modified for extremely durable bond, and the best trowelability in the white patch market.  Unlike Dependable’s original WHITE SKIMCOAT™: POLYSKIM has the latex added into the mix, and only requires water.

When considering your skim coat options on top of gypsum, think first of POLYSKIM!