17 October

“Things to Do So Your Installation Does Not Fail!”

Tile contractors and installers are in business to perform a service and make money. The service is tile installation. The profit is to sustain the business and pay employees, distributors, and state and federal taxes. Job failures cost money, hurt your company’s image, and take time away from performing other work…”

“… Our industy standards recommend verifying substrates are acceptable (see ANSI A108 or Handbook for acceptable tolerances) prior to proceeding with the installation. Check with adhesive manufacturer for underlayments suitable to correct the substrate to acceptable tolerances. Do not use thinset or medium bed mortars to level substrates to acceptable tolerances…”

An excellent way to correct a substrate and make it level is with the use of Dependable’s self-levelers or patches.

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 Things to Do So Your Installation Does Not Fail


Pro Installer Magazine
By: Gregory Mowat
Fall 2013



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