15 July

“Understanding Crack Isolation Membranes”


“In a perfect world, movement would not take place in a concrete slab, and life would be good. Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world, and concrete does move and crack. Therefore, products such as crack isolation membranes, which fall under ANSI A118.12, are many times more of a necessity rather than a luxury.

Given that all structures move (some significantly more than others), it is wise that all involved in a tile project under-stand these dynamics, ask questions and seek solutions. This may also require the services of an expert who can assist in properly assessing the situation.

In order to chart the course, questions must be asked. Is the slab stable and no longer moving? Were the cracks the results of shrinking in the curing process and they now are stable?..”


Get a better understanding of the importance of crack isolation products by clicking the link below.


“Understanding Crack Isolation Membranes”
By: Scott Carothers
Tile Magazine
July/August 2015



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