22 October

“What to Do With a Wet Concrete Slab”

“The construction industry has long been judged on its quality of work and ability to complete projects on schedule. One challenge often faced: a concrete slab with elevated moisture levels. The long time it takes for concrete slabs to dry can create delays, and of the various building materials, concrete can be one of the most vexing sources of moisture. Under average ambient conditions, a concrete slab poured within an enclosed building will dry at a rate of about one inch per month. The actual rate will differ based on the concrete batch ingredients (the mix design), curing procedures and ambient conditions—indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity and weather. Unless the excess moisture is dried, these problems could pop up later:


  • Moisture migration to the surface, which can result in failure of adhesives, discoloration of flooring materials, blisters in coatings and warped flooring boards.
  • Mold growth in other materials.
  • Poor initial adhesion of flooring installed on the slab…”


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What to Do With a Wet Concrete Slab


Hardwood Floor Magazine

By: David Simkins

September 2012

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