Acrylic Embossing AdditiveACRYLIC EMBOSSING ADDITIVE™ is an acrylic latex admixture and primer developed for use with all DEPENDABLE trowel applied products. It is used in difficult adhesion circumstances, including over cushioned and non-cushioned embossed vinyl, vinyl tile and urethane wear layer vinyls. As an additive, it provides extraordinary flexibility and bond to virtually all substrates. As a primer, it has high resistance to oil based bleed through (such as cutback adhesive residues) and to water migration.

Features and Benefits


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Existing sheet vinyl floors shall be single layer, fully adhered and well bonded. Thoroughly clean all foreign matter such as dirt, grease, oil, wax or any other contaminates which may inhibit bond. While the floor is wet, use a cleaning pad and remove any remaining wax or dirt, while scuffing the surface. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and allow to dry.

Adhesive Residue

Using mechanical means, remove loose, brittle or thick/heavy accumulations to the minimal well bonded residue. Sweep or vacuum area.


Cutback adhesive may contain asbestos. Contact state or local authorities for proper removal and disposal procedures. Metal floors: remove rust, oil, dirt or any contaminates which may act as a bond breaker. Wash floor and allow to dry.


After preparing the surface, use a clean mixing bucket and implements adding measured powder into measured liquid. Mix to a lump-free trowelable consistency. Follow printed mixing ratios of the appropriate Dependable Floor Underlayment product.


Vinyl Floors

Using a flat, smooth steel trowel draw material across the pattern to be filled at angles to the pattern to ensure an even and complete fill. Before covering the vinyl or a second application allow the first application to DRY COMPLETELY, at least 2 hours.


Adhesive Residue

Using a paint roller or soft bristle broom, coat adhesive residue. Allow to nearly dry and become tacky. For best adhesion and flexibility, use Dependable’s ACRYLIC EMBOSSING ADDITIVE™ with the desired Dependable floor underlayment product.


The use of ACRYLIC EMBOSSING ADDITIVE™ in place of water with the desired Dependable products increases adhesion properties and product flexibility. To assure a good chemical bond, metal surfaces may be primed with ACRYLIC EMBOSSING ADDITIVE™ using a paint roller or soft bristle brush. Allow primed area to nearly dry and become tacky.