18 March

Pullman Yards | Project Profile


  • Pratt-Pullman Yards Industrial Site converted for Fan Controlled Football (FCF) site with practice field and VIP area. Vacant for years, used numerous times as a movie set
  • Issue:  1 – 1.5” bellies throughout appx. 30,000 ft2 concrete substrate. Unbonded solution required.
  • Solution: Quiet Qurl 025 MC sound mat inverted with 1” of Platform L2


The repurposing of the Pratt-Pullman Yard site in Atlanta’s Kirkwood district into a “creative city” for the entertainment industry demanded an equally creative solution to respect it’s historical roots!

The 27-acre Pratt-Pullman yard began its long history when purchased in 1094 by the Pratt Engineering Company who used the property as a sugar and fertilizer processing plant.  In 1926 the property was purchased by the Pullam Company where it was used to repair Pullman’s Railroad cars.

The site, now owned by “Atomic Entertainment” is planned to become a mixed-use site with entertainment, food, living and work spaces all combined in a pedestrian style campus. Plans for one of the larger structures involved turning a vacant, train car repair factory into an indoor practice field for football!

The concrete between the columns (where the railcars used to be repaired) had 1” – 1.5” deep bellies throughout and was in no condition to meet the smooth flat requirements of a football field and entertainment venue. Now recognized as a historic site, the project had unique requirements – including the need to respect the original substrate with no alterations.  No grinding, no mechanical preparation, and no direct bond to the substrate was permitted! These requirements are a significant challenge for traditional substrate preparation approaches. recommended Platform Performance Cements to work closely with All American Surfaces South – Vanguard Commercial Flooring Team to engineer a fully floating and reinforced substrate solution that was installed by All American Surfaces South.

Today, with the exceptionally flat and smooth substrate in place the venue is quickly coming together as an entertainment center for the creative arts. While history is respected, both above and below!

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