relative humidity

CUTDOWN II-Valued Performance

Cutdown II – Valued Performance With a family of problem solving products, CUTDOWN II may be the most impressive. DEPENDABLE offers a wide variety of products to solve substrate problems, but for the overall value, CUTDOWN II provides an especially economical and often “low prep” barrier for moisture, moderate alkalinity (11 pH), OR adhesive residue…

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“Relative Humidity Testing for Concrete: ASTM F2170 Becoming the Preferred Method”

“Why do testing?  The simplest reason why is to follow the industry standard: ASTM F710, Standard Practice for Preparing Concrete Floors to Receive Resilient Flooring. The language in the standard is very simple, and uses legal terms like “all,” “shall” and “regardless” that don’t allow for any wiggle room. “All concrete slabs shall be tested for…

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