Floor Failure

Feather & Patch

August 2019 Feather and Patch   In the interest of constantly offering our customers superior service with the best available options, Dependable Floor Prep offers these Feather and Patch Products today.     FEATHERCRETE® is an ultra-fine textured, latex modified cement-based patch that may be used to skim or fill most substrates without priming or the use of additives.…

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“Contractor Forum: Contractors Discuss Moisture Mitigation”

“…In the area of how contractors handle moisture mitigation issues, which many people both in and outside of flooring consider to be the No. 1 issue facing the industry, we asked a variety of questions, ranging from common problems contractors come across to their processes and procedures for testing as well as how they handled…

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“Things to Do So Your Installation Does Not Fail!”

“Tile contractors and installers are in business to perform a service and make money. The service is tile installation. The profit is to sustain the business and pay employees, distributors, and state and federal taxes. Job failures cost money, hurt your company’s image, and take time away from performing other work…” “… Our industy standards…

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