Introducing Dependable’s new patching product SKIMCRETE® XP!

Introducing Dependable’s new patching product designed especially for exterior use. SKIMCRETE® XP is a high strength concrete mix with an added corrosion inhibitor. This exterior patch provides all the workability characteristics of high strength ready mix concrete. When blended with water and stone SKIMCRETE® XP can be poured into forms, vibrated in place, and finished in depths up to 10…

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“Underlayments — So Many Choices”

“The extremely fast-paced schedules of today’s jobsites demand products that can fix floor surfaces quickly, efficiently and in a cost-effective fashion. These surface coatings are sometimes called on to correct extreme variations in plane — while drying quickly and ready to receive tile in short order. Self-levelers or SLUs, as they are known, meet these…

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