13 November

Flooring Issues | How to Fix an Uneven Floor Surface

Uneven flooring surface can be frustrating, especially if it is clearly visible. It is one thing to have an imperfect floor and another it to be visible. Nobody likes it. Fortunately, you can easily fix your uneven floor surface. You can use floor patch products or various other methods.

The floor is one of the most important parts of your house. Which is why taking care of them is important. Uneven floor can happen due to various reasons and the sooner you address the problem, the better it will be. Uneven surfaces not only ruin the aesthetic appeal, but it can also lead to accidents. Walking on uneven floor is not easy or safe.

So, it is important that you address the issue as soon as possible.

What is an Uneven Floor?

Uneven floors are uneven surface, which means they are sloppy or sagging in some areas. Or there are dips and cracks that creates an imbalance in the whole flooring structure. This issue can create many problems and can be a sign of a serious subfloor issue. If you have this issue, make sure that you address this to prevent any major damage.

There are various reasons for this unevenness of the floor, such as:

  • Excess Moisture

The presence of extra moisture is one of the most common reasons for uneven flooring. Water damage from a leaky pipe or underground water can affect the flooring as the excess water can make the sub-flooring to warp. Poor drainage is another side effect of excess moisture. Sometimes, excess amount of water can also result in damage to the foundation of the building.

  • Movement of the Soil

Soil movement is another reason why floors can become uneven. Soils do move over time and water presence can make it expand and shrink when it dries. This movement of the soil can affect the foundation of the floor. This can happen if the soil hasn’t been compacted at the time of construction. A strong foundation is important for a good and durable floor. Additionally, if your house foundation is weak or hasn’t been done properly, it can lead to issue like uneven floor in the future.

  • Old Houses

If your house is very old, this issue can happen. Old homes are built with different foundation and over a period of time, the movement of the soil can affect the quality of the foundation. Redoing the whole flooring can help you create a stronger flooring for the house. If the flooring was not done correctly in the first place, the problem of uneven floor surface can happen too. Make sure to get your house inspected before getting any renovation work done.

These are some of the most common reasons why your floors are even. Addressing these issues can help prevent future issues.


Fixing the Uneven Floors

There are many ways to fix an uneven floor. Depending on what type of unevenness our floor has, you can choose one of these solutions. You can either do it on your own or hire a professional. DIY is for people who have lots of experience. You can simply hire someone to do the job.

Here are some of the ways you can fix uneven flooring problems. The first one can work with all types of floors and uneven surfaces.

  1. Floor Patch Product

One of the best ways to fix the issue of uneven floor is to use floor patch product. It can be used in concrete subfloor or wooden subfloor. It is best for leveling floors that has dips, slanting issues, cracks and chipping problems. Whether you are repairing, renovating or installing a new floor, you can easily use this product to level the uneven floor.

Using a floor patch product is easy as they come in powder form and all you have to do is mix water with it in a bucket. The thick paste that forms is then applied on the floor with the help of a troweling. It is smooth and can easily spread on the floor. It dries quickly and will give a smooth and even floor surface. You can then install any type of flooring system you want.

  1. Use Plywood

The next option is installing plywood on the subfloor to create an even surface. You can install the plywood to create a new, smooth floor surface on which you can easily install your flooring. This method is only applicable if you have wood subfloor. It can be used on concrete floor but you have to be careful.

  1. Grinding

If your floor unevenness is due to large or smaller lumps on the floor, you can grind them down with machine. This can help you reduce the unevenness of the floor and help you create an uneven floor surface.

Use the easiest and the most practical method to create an even surface.

The Bottom line

Floor patch products are one of the best ways to address the problem of uneven floor surface. It is easy to use and provides a very practical solution for your problems. Make sure to use high-quality products for the best results.

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