28 December

How to Install New Concrete Flooring on Old Concrete Floor

Concrete floors are one of the best types of flooring options because they are durable and strong, while also a great alternative to other types of floors, such stones, woods, marble, tile, carpets, etc. But like any other flooring types, it will need some repair and maintenance work. The benefit here is that you can easily maintain the concrete floors.

It doesn’t matter what type of repair work your concrete needs as you can easily fix it by applying the correct products. Whether you want to fix a crack, a small section of the floor or the entire floor, you can easily do it by following the right procedure.

Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Clean the Old Concrete Floor

The first thing you need to do is clean the old concrete floor. Then, use the broom to sweep the entire floor to remove the debris, particles and make the space completely clean. If your floor has cracks, dips or holes, make sure to properly patch.

  1. Use the Liquid Floor Latex for Bonding

The next thing you need is a bonding product. You will need a bonding agent to complete the job. Here, you can use liquid floor latex product for the job. The benefit of the floor latex is that it can be used as bonding agent, as primer, as leveler and additive. The last feature is what you need when you need for concrete to concrete bonding.

  1. Applying the Mixture

It is now time to use the bonding mixture to apply the new concrete floor.

You need to prepare a fresh batch of mixture just with water and cement powder. Use a mixing bucket and mix it well. No lump should be there. After you are done, make sure that you are ready to use the mixtures.

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Here are the 2 steps you need to follow:

  • Use the mixture you prepared in the step 2. This is the bonding mixture that will make the new and old concrete bond together. Use a brush and apply a thin layer of mixture on the damp floor. Make sure that the entire area you are trying to fix is covered in thin layer of the bonding mixture.
  • Now pour the concrete mixture you prepared for flooring over the surface that is now primed with the bonding mixture. Pour the entire mixture on the floor and spread it evenly. You can use any leveling tool to evenly distribute the mixture on the floor. Make sure that the floor has even layer of the mixture so that it dries evenly.

After the application, you need to let the mixture dry completely. After it dries completely, you will see the new concrete surface is beautifully sitting on the top of the old one and provides a very smooth surface.

The Bottom-line

With a bonding product, you can easily put new concrete over the old ones in just few easy steps. You can easily repair your old concrete floor with this method and give it a new look. Make sure that you follow the procedure thoroughly so that you can get the results you want to see.

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