26 June

“Underlayments — So Many Choices”

“The extremely fast-paced schedules of today’s jobsites demand products that can fix floor surfaces quickly, efficiently and in a cost-effective fashion. These surface coatings are sometimes called on to correct extreme variations in plane — while drying quickly and ready to receive tile in short order. Self-levelers or SLUs, as they are known, meet these conditions and function well. They may be formulated in either a cement base or a gypsum base and are generally mixed with potable water. Caution again needs to be exercised here, since mixing times and the amount of water used to mix SLUs are critical. Also, be certain to determine if the product is rated for exterior use before installing. As always, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.”


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Underlayments — so many choices

By: Scott Carothers
Tile Magazine
May 29, 2013



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