10 February

Patch Things Up

The season of love is upon us, and this year we’re all about patching things up.


We do wish the best for your hearts and relationships, but we are focused on your subfloors. Yes, we come across some messy subfloors. Great new, Concrete, Gypsum, Wood, Adhesives, Feather, Deep, Fast, Ramp – we can help you make it whole again!



Fortunately, we have a variety of solutions for your patching needs:


A premium gypsum based skimcoat designed for use over gypsum concrete, wood, and other surfaces. This polymer modified formula allows for a creamier feel under the trowel, enhanced bond, and superior dry time.

Features and Benefits –


  • Smoothest patch on the trowel
  • Fast drying
  • Exceptional for gypsum concrete repair


A latex modified, fine textured, trowel applied, rapid drying cementitious underlayment for interior use providing a smooth, durable surface for the installation of a variety of floor finishes such as vinyl, carpet, engineered wood or tile. With minimal effort to smooth imperfections in a variety of substrates prior to application of floor finishes, it dries rapidly, permitting the installation of floor coverings in as little as 30 minutes.

Features and Benefits –

  • Dries rapidly
  • Creamy consistency
  • Reduced application effort
  • Apply from Featheredge to ½” (12mm)
  • Easy water ratio 2:1 (powder:water)
  • Bonds to many substrates without primer or need of additive
  • RH Insensitive



A high-performance screed mortar engineered for fast track interior and exterior applications that require rapid drying, exceptional bond and durability perfect for ramping applications including resloping of exterior concrete such balconies. RC provides a smooth, durable surface for the installation of a variety of finishes such as vinyl, carpet, engineered wood, tile, underlayment, micro toppings, epoxy and more as quickly as 12–16 hours.

Features and Benefits –

  • Engineered for: easy placement and significantly reduced application effort, drying and maximum durability.
  • Suitable for interior/exterior installations from 3/8” – 6”
  • Suitable for substrate repairs prior to application of epoxy moisture vapor remediation coatings after 12-16 hours of cure.
  • Suitable as substrate for finishes such as vinyl, carpet, engineered wood, tile, epoxy, urethane, micro-toppings, overlays and more as early as 12-16 hours after placement.
  • Bonds to most substrates without primer or need of additive



A fast drying, polymer modified, cementious patch. It is fast drying yet it has an extra long pot life, extending your working time, not delaying yourfinish and easy to work with on virtuallyany interior surface.

Features and Benefits –


  • Long working time
  • Quick uniform drying time, regardless of thickness
  • No additives or primers for most uses
  • Featheredge to 5/8” thick
  • Superior workability
  • Creamy, grit-free application
  • No dusting or cracking


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