14 December

How Can You Level Any Unleveled Floor With Floor Patch Compound?

For someone who loves a rustic design added to their décor, wooden flooring is an ideal choice. However, at times, the installation isn’t a perfect one, which can lead to squeaky noises, imbalance in furniture alignment, and so much more. Your floor is only as perfect as its installation.

A quality wooden floor installation can only come from a reliable and well-leveled subfloor. What’s the point of having an expensive and beautiful hardwood floor when it is going to creak and squeak all day long as you walk over it? Things start to worsen once the boards start sticking up, warping, or even buckle.

But you need not worry in case the subfloor is a tad imperfect. In case you are wondering how to level your subfloor to ensure that the wooden upper is all leveled up, you can try the option of a floor patch.

Why should your concrete or wood subfloor be leveled?

Do you require a subfloor to be constructed underneath your existing hardwood floor? If your answer to this is yes, it is probably because most of the home floors tend to sit atop the wood joists & even concrete slabs. They aren’t leveled perfectly at times; however, it is surprisingly common for homeowners to have an inch or fraction of the inch sloping across your room.

Generally, this particular error isn’t noticeable. The issue gets bigger when the house’s subfloor becomes uneven. Issues such as big bends or small waves like the ones we observe in the old refurbished basements or industrial floors can lead to major issues such as furniture-related accidents.

So, here are 5 reasons for you to have a properly leveled floor before you start the installation of your hardwood floors.

1. Leveled Hardwood-Leveled Subfloor:

Hardwood tends to be inflexible in nature. Apart from its natural beauty, its rigid design and property are why one chooses the same as floors. Any imperfections present in your subfloor can eventually transfer the same to the finished hardwood floor in patterns such as humps, dips, as well as separated edges.

Not just that, they tend to be a potentially dangerous hazard while making your overall floor décor look all bad and dingy. The way any house requires a well-leveled foundation, the same is applicable for your hardwood floor. To ensure that the issue is corrected, one can make use of a floor patch.

2. Faster Installation:

Installing your hardwood floor can be a pretty advanced Do It Yourself Project. When you try to lay a floor-type over any uneven surface, it can make your task way more frustrating and difficult.

Regardless of whether you plan on hiring an expert or want to opt for a DIY, working atop a well-leveled subfloor shall help you save a lot of money and time.

3. Professional Floor Leveling:

Everyone loves a hardwood floor that is smooth and even tight at the seams. It shows that the installation has been done by a professional-level crafter. Whether it was done by you or someone else did it for you, a leveled floor will always bring about an amazing look to your hardwood floor.

You will have a real feeling of accomplishment as you stand back & see just straight boards lying all across the floor without any unsightly bulges or waves. A semi-gloss or gloss finish tends to magnify the imperfections present in any uneven floor. This is why it is important for the subfloor to remain flat.


4. Hardwood Floor Enhances Your Home’s Value:

Whether you plan on spending all your life within the house you built, or whether you plan on selling the same, the floor should always be leveled to its best. This is why hardwood floor, when placed in the correct manner, tends to increase the overall value of the house.

If you move from your house to a new one by selling the same, your new buyers might find that unevenness a tad off-putting, and the buyers might reject the proposal or go for a tad lower price tag.

5. Save a Lot of Money:

A leveled and flat floor helps you save a lot of money upfront by subsequently reducing the time and labor required to install your hardwood floor. Along the line, it also helps save up a lot of money while ensuring lower maintenance & repair issues.

Any uneven subfloor causes a buckling problem that can make it warp around the edges or even kick up one end of the floor. In case your floor fails to lay down smooth, it shall groan and creak like you are living in any haunted house.

Further, the associated repairs tend to be a tad costly & will mostly create unevenness as the newer boards fail to match.


In our next blog, we shall learn about the various techniques used for leveling the floors. When done the right way, floor leveling with a floor patch is an easy task. You do not have to fear any accidents or asset damage that happens due to uneven floor or subfloor. So, the next time you feel your floor is uneven, get started with a floor patch right away or look for a professional to help you out.

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