8 January

Project Profile – “Skim in the Gym”

For many, a high school gym is a place where memories are made: a buzzer beater to win the state title, a first kiss at prom, etc. Years later, it can be hard to let go of the nostalgia…

However, nostalgia comes second to the safety of those who utilize the gym on a regular basis. Such was the case for a high school gymnasium in Lakeville, Indiana. 

After receiving multiple complaints regarding the lack of safety railings on the bleachers, the school’s Board of Trustees looked for a solution. Unfortunately, they discovered a much bigger issue… the gym floor. 

Five years earlier, the school had the gym floor sanded. The vendor who did the work ran into so many nails during the process that they were forced to alert the school that the gym would not be able to be sanded down again. This, combined with the bleachers, left the Board of Trustees with no other option but to commit to a summer-long full renovation.

The project started with replacing the ceiling, followed by the bleachers, and finally ending with the floor. After removing the existing gym floor, the flooring contractor was required to level the existing concrete subfloor prior to the installation of the school’s new sports floor. Being a time-sensitive project, they turned to Dependable’s Skimflow NP.  

Skimflow NP’s revolutionary technology, which eliminates shrinkage and the need to mechanically prep the floor, was a perfect fit. Thanks to its quick self-drying capabilities, the contractor was able to install a brand new all-purpose gym floor just a few hours after the Skimflow NP was applied. 

SKIMFLOW® NP (No Problem) is a hybrid cement self-leveling underlayment that is designed for time sensitive projects where compromised substrates make shrinkage undesirable. SKIMFLOW NP offers no-shrink, no-profile technology to fast-track jobs without sacrificing performance.


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