6 April

Should you use a floor primer?

The establishment of a new floor requires a carefully examined process. Preparation of the floor using a floor primer is vital for not only saving your time and effort, but money as well.

floor primer provides a plethora of benefits for the finished floor. If you want the very best adhesion and endurance of your flooring in the years to come, then you must consider the use of a floor primer.

Here a few benefits of a floor primer you must know about:

1. Adhesion

The floor primer pierces the substrate and enables the bonding of the floor overlay to the substrate. Floor primer guarantees better adhesion of the floor overlays to the substrate. Thus, providing your floor an extended life as well as minimize the risk of the coat breaking or chipping.

2. Reduces Emerging of Bubbles

Using floor primer will significantly minimize the bubble emerging chances in the coat. This is particularly common in thicker coats such as self-leveling, where air locked in the concrete slab might generate bubbles of gas and pinholes in your coating. So, by properly priming and closing off the substrate, you’re minimizing the risk of gas and air being liberated.

3. Resistance Capabilities 

A floor primer features several kinds of resistivity, which adds to its fame as a hardy flooring technique.

Floor primer is shock, chemical, heat and water resistant. This makes it perfect for garages as your cars might emit corrosive chemicals.

4. Minimizes Absorption

Priming will minimize the chance the products being assimilated by the substrate. Sometimes substrates may more absorbent. Therefore, if you attempt to apply a coat on it, you might get a dull matte look as the substrate has absorbed all the liquids.

That’s why you must use floor primers to block off the surface before applying floor products.

5. Ease of Maintenance

Another benefit of floor primer is its easy upkeep. By coating the substrate, there’s a reduction of dust and cement particles discharged onto other surfaces in the room.

Even bacteria, grime, germs, and other contaminants don’t adhere to floor primer, so it’s an effective and sanitary step.

6. Eco-Friendly

Floor primer is an eco-friendly option with ZERO VOCs.

The Functional Basis for Floor Primers

Floor primers penetrate more into the substrate’s pores, thereby enhancing the floor’s surface durability to delamination. The floor primer’s surface builds a thin coat that is convenient as it develops a foundation for the denser base coat on either porous or non-porous surfaces. These systematized bonds produce long-lasting outcomes that can withstand any varying situation.


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