IMG_6458KeedeLath™ is a self-furring synthetic lath.

KeedeLath™ is an easier to install and a lighter alternative to self-furred metal lath. The unique patented design replaces old metal lath in a variety of flooring and wall applications.

KeedeLath™ is constructed of entangled polymeric filaments incorporated into a fiberglass grid. This technology creates an easy to handle product that is a durable and non–corroding metal lath replacement which is preferred for projects.


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Features and Benefits

  • Replaces Traditional metal lath
  • Higher yield
  • Light weight
  • Flexible
  • High Strength fiberglass
  • Creates mechanical bond
  • Easy to handle and cut with scissors
  • Won't scrape hands


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  • 1 roll covers 100 square feet
  • 4 ft. width
  • 25 ft. length
  • 11 lbs/roll


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Plywood Preparation: KeedeLath is to be applied over exterior grade plywood or OSB only. Plywood must be installed according to the manufacturer guidelines. It must be structurally sound and built to code with a joint of 3/16” left between the sheets as well as along walls, doors etc. allowing for expansion. The expansion joints must be taped with duct tape prior to the lath installation.

The plywood must be cleaned of any debris, dust, paint, oils or other bond breakers. It must be primed with Dependable Primer SL or equivalent.

Self-Leveler Installation:

Installing KeedeLath:

Roll out KeedeLath and cut accordingly with furred face down. Overlap KeedeLath sides up to 2 inches one over the other. Staple the lath down with 4-6” of spacing in the center and 2-4 inch spacing along the overlapped seam and perimeter.

Applying Self-Leveler:

• Prepare the self-leveling products according to the directions specified by the manufacturer and pour or pump at a minimum thickness of 1/2”.

• Allow the self-leveler to cure according to manufacturer instructions prior to proceeding with installation.

In wet areas that will be covered with tile Dependable’s KeedeRoll may be used as crack isolation as well as moisture prevention. Use a mortar recommended for use over self-levelers or uncoupling mat.

Mortar Application:

Installing KeedeLath:

Roll out KeedeLath and cut accordingly. Place furred side down and butt the lath edges do not overlap. Staple the lath every 4-6 inches in the center and every 2-4 inches along the seams and perimeter.

Applying Mortar:

Spread the mortar into the lath with a flat side of the trowel. Follow with the notched side of the trowel to achieve the recommended coverage and install the floor covering. If wood substrate is not level follow the two step mortar application

1. Apply scratch coat covering the lath and allow to dry according to manufacturer instructions
2. Apply next coat with notched trowel and lay the floor covering.


Call technical services at 1-800-227-3434 with any questions regarding the installation of KeedeRoll 100