Step Soft™ MT

Step Soft™ MT uses patented “Muffling Technology” from Keene Building Products to create a universal acoustical underlayment designed for reducing impact noise in the floor sealing assembly. StepSoft™ MT provides an isolation layer in the assembly which reduces vibrations necessary for achieving industry noise standards. StepSoft™ MT is a critical component in meeting International Building Code requirements within the floor ceiling assembly in most concrete multifamily applications.

StepSoft™ MT is suitable for use over nearly every substrate, and under nearly every floor covering. Its universal applications makes it a perfect solution for reducing impact noise for wood frame, residential, multifamily and commercial applications.

Features and Benefits

  •  Suitable for use under nearly any floor covering include hard surfaces
    like LVT, ceramic tile, and engineered hardwood
  • Available in a variety of thicknesses to meet most IIC specifications
  • Optimal for use on concrete substrates and in applications where
    numerous floor coverings are utilized