White Skimcoat 2’s feather and patch products are ideal for coverage on a variety of surfaces or subfloors. Varying from blended cement to mildewcide protected gypsum based products, they are adhesive friendly and easy to use.

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Pumpable or pourable’s self-levelers can be found to cover concrete, wood, metal, ceramic tile, adhesive residue, light weight concrete, gypsum and radiant heat systems. Ranging from blended cement to mildewcide protected gypsum we offer a variety of solutions.

Anchoring, primers, and additives

When standards are high and jobs need improved adhesion, added flexibility, extra mildewcide protection and increased water resistance; has a variety of latex primers and additives. For anchors that can be poured deep and thick’s Anchoring product will make the job.

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Reducing moisture vapor transmission and sealing off odors penetrating through new or old concrete slabs.'s moisture mitigation products will help get the job done right and achieve standards.