Skimcrete® XL Campbell University Case Study


John W. Pope Convocation Center at Campbell University
Buies Creek, North Carolina

A contractor in Raleigh, NC area purchased SKIMCRETE® XL, a patch product available from Dependable, LLC. They choose to use SKIMCRETE® XL because it is fine enough to be spread at a feather of an edge to skim a surface, but may also be used in thicker applications like filling concrete control joints. Its unique cement chemistry allows fast drying even in thicker applications (3/8 or 1⁄2” depth) which means schedule is maintained. SKIMCRETE® XL sands well if desired and may be finished to provide a surface suitable for the most demanding floor covering. SKIMCRETE® XL also offers a compressive strength of 4,400 psi.

The contractor recently completed work on the John W. Pope Convocation Center at Campbell University in Buies Creek, NC (located outside of Raleigh). They were responsible for installing rubber flooring and ceramic in the mezzanine, however, excess moisture delayed the installation. They applied CUTDOWN®II to reduce the moisture followed by SKIMCRETE® XL to smooth the surface in preparation of the rubber floor covering. SKIMCRETE® XL achieves an excellent bond to the CUTDOWN®II without the use of a special primer. Because of the traffic exposure, the rubber floor was installed with an epoxy adhesive.