KeedeRoll® MT

KeedeRoll® MT is a high load bearing Uncoupling and Sound Proofing Membrane ideal for use under ceramic tile installations.  KeedeRoll MT’s geometrical shape with entangled net ensure an effective, well bonded one step application to protect tile and grout from substrate movement.  Bonded to a patented “Muffling” technology (MT) fabric KeedeRoll® MT provides exceptional reduction of sound and impact transmission.   

KeedeRoll® MT represents a simple, one step installation that protects the finished tile installation from substrate stresses all while significantly reducing sound and noise transmission in multifamily, residential and commercial environments. 


Features and Benefits

  • Helps prevent grout joint and tile damage 
  • “Extra Heavy Rated” on the Robinson-Type Wheel Test
  • 21 point IIC Delta on 8” concrete 
  • Meets code on 8” concrete (54 IIC)
  • Bridges in plane cracks up to 1/8” (3mm) without transfer to tile