Vaporseal™, Hospital Corporation of America Case Study

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Hospital Corporation of America (HCA)
Lees Summit, Missouri

As anyone in the floor covering business knows, the work at the end of any job, like flooring, is usually squeezed for time. At Lees Summit Medical Center, was able to use DEPENDABLE’S VAPORSEAL™ to help the contractor maintain critical job schedule needs.

Lees Summit is a suburb of Kansas City. Lees Summit has seen steady population growth since it was founded in 1960. Over the last 20 years the population has doubled to just over 90,000 residents and is expected to double again over the next 20 years. To help fulfill the needs of the growing community, HCA decided to build the 64 – bed facility to replace the current hospital built in 1978. The new facility offers additional services like obstetrical care along with expanded emergency services and additional medical offices.

HCA, Hospital Corporation of America, based in Nashville, TN, is one of the nation’s leading provider of healthcare services. HCA utilizes locally managed facilities that include 169 hospitals and 115 outpatient centers in 20 states. It has approximately 25% of the Kansas City healthcare market.

One of the nation’s leading construction companies of healthcare facilities was hired by HCA to construct the facility. The flooring contractor had a contract for floor covering which included the first floor resilient. The concrete slabs had been poured in the fall of 2006 and HVAC had recently been turned on. Moisture readings were quite high. This occurrence is not unusual. The concrete was poured undercover and sat through the winter in less than perfect drying conditions. When HVAC is turned on and the environment begins to acclimate, moisture is drawn from the concrete. It can take months for the concrete to dry to the point where it can accept a moisture sensitive floor covering.

The old rule of thumb was that concrete was ready for covering in 28 days, however, it is not very accurate. A good rule of thumb is 1 inch per 28 days for drying of the concrete. The 28 day rule comes from the fact that most concrete will achieve 85% of its design strength during this time.

The general contractor helped HCA make a tough decision. To maintain the building schedule, something had to be done regarding the excess moisture. The flooring contractor specializes in substrate preparation, installing industrial coatings and terrazzo. The general manager suggested DEPENDABLE’S VAPORSEAL™. They have been trained in the use of VAPORSEAL™ and other DEPENDABLE substrate preparation materials. The general manager explained the system, that VAPORSEAL™ can provide protection to up to nearly 100% floor humidity or the highest Moisture Vapor Emission Rates; and the ability to offer a 10-year warranty. The construction company and HCA approved the use of VAPORSEAL™ for areas under the resilient floor covering on the first floor of Lee’s Summit Medical Center.

Coating work began in March 2007. The flooring contractor did the shotblasting, coating, and preparation to allow floor covering installation another vendor. VAPORSEAL™ installation was completed in a couple of weeks. Floor covering proceeded on time helping to allow HCA to move in and open the facility on schedule.