GSL® M3.4

GSL® M3.4 premium gypsum cement is an exciting, unique product for creating an underlayment for use over virtually all interior surfaces.

Pumpable, GSL delivers high strength, good water resistance and outstanding adhesion. Applications from nearly a featheredge up to 3” depth can be achieved in a single pour. GSL remains flowable for nearly 30 minutes, yet will withstand foot traffic at any depth in about two hours. This product offers high density, yet less finished weight and more exibility than portland cement self-levelers.

Unlike portland cement, gypsum does not shrink and requires no hand finishing tools other than a darby that establishes thickness and uniformity. Typically installed with a specialty mixing machine capable of placing 20,000 to 30,000 square feet per day. GSL M3.4 is specially formulated to add mass to a floor ceiling assembly and help control airborne noise.

GSL is UL approved on all standard assemblies providing developers the fire safety assurance required in today’s multi-family projects.

GSL is designed for installation by trained contractors from DEPENDABLE, LLC. Please consult with a local representative for a list of contractors in a specific geography.