SKIMFLOW® LP with hybrid gypsum hydraulic cement technology is an innovative self leveling underlayment designed to facilitate ramping (1/4” in 12”) or very flat floors. SKIMFLOW LP is designed to address out of level or old damaged floors in residential, commercial, institutional and renovation environments. SKIMFLOW LP dries to a smooth hard surface that facilitates rapid application of flooring goods in as little as 16 hours. SKIMFLOW LP's exceptional volume stability and bonding characteristics facilitate application in light foot and commercial traffic areas without requiring mechanical preparation of the substrate. Suitable for application over clean, sound substrates including concrete, gypsum, wood, corrugated steel deck LP may also be used over well bonded adhesives. LP is optimized for installation from 1/4” to 3” NEAT in a single lift, in climate controlled interior environments. SKIMFLOW LP offers compressive strengths exceeding 4100 psi (28 days) and is compatible with some sound attenuation systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Long working time – flowable for approximately 30 minutes
  • Typically requires no mechanical preparation of concrete substrates for pedestrian traffic and light commercial applications.*
  • Optimized for installation from 1/4” to 3” NEAT in a single lift.
  • May typically be exposed to foot traffic in 3 - 4 hours after placement and trade traffic 16 hours after placement. Cool temperatures will slow strength development.
  • Suitable for installation prior to interior build outs.
  • Smooth, hard surface is compatible with a wide variety of flooring adhesives, and suitable for all kinds of finished flooring goods such as vinyl, LVT, carpet, engineered wood, ceramic and more.
  • Will not support mold growth
  • Suitable for under floor heating systems, electrical and hydronic
  • Suitable for installation over a wide variety of substrates
  • Compatible with some sound attenuation systems