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High Concrete Moisture Solutions

When a concrete moisture solution arises on a project Dependable has a solution. Dependable’s line of moisture mitigation products can go up to 100% relative humidity (RH). Our Cutdown II is a great alternative for projects below 90% RH. Not sure which one better fits your project? Take a look at our brochure. It breaks…

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“Acceptable Concrete Moisture”

“In April, Concrete Construction magazine published the article “Why Three Pounds?” that questions why the flooring industry ever abided by what it calls a “one size fits all” standard for evaluating concrete slab moisture. According to the article, “The literature from many flooring installers and manufacturers states that installation of glued-on flooring cannot begin, and…

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“What to Do With a Wet Concrete Slab”

“The construction industry has long been judged on its quality of work and ability to complete projects on schedule. One challenge often faced: a concrete slab with elevated moisture levels. The long time it takes for concrete slabs to dry can create delays, and of the various building materials, concrete can be one of the most…

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