26 June

“ACT Membranes”

“…The membrane types included in this test focus solely on:

  • Waterproofing: ANSI A118.10 American National Standard Specifications for Load Bearing, Bonded, Waterproof Membranes for Thin-set Ceramic Tile and Dimension Stone Installation
  • Crack isolation: ANSI A118.12 American National Standard Specifications for Crack Isolation Membranes for Thin-set Ceramic Tile and Dimension Stone Installation.

These membranes provide a waterproof barrier that will protect both the tile and stone installation — along with everything below the substrate and the building structure. Waterproofing protection is one of the most practical steps to ensure the longevity of a tile and stone installation system. It not only protects the spaces below and adjacent to the tile or stone installation, it also protects the setting bed, reinforcing wire (if used), concrete base and reinforcing or wood structure from potential damage and deterioration. Since damage to many flooring components can occur, it is no surprise that the majority of construction liability claims involve water damage that has resulted from the lack of, or an improperly installed, waterproofing membrane.

Crack isolation membranes provide a flexible barrier in between the tile or stone installation and the substrate that will prevent minor lateral movement or in-plane substrate cracks (typically up to 1/8 inch [3mm]) from transmitting up through the tile or stone finish. However, crack isolation membranes may not be 100% effective in preventing reflective cracking (cracks in concrete telegraphing through the tile). The speed of modern-day construction and the desire to use thinner and more light-weight materials can lend itself to movement in a building structure. Minimizing potential cracks of a tile and stone system must be addressed during installation to prevent future damage. Modern crack isolation membranes are thin, load bearing and maintain a high level of flexibility without sacrificing the necessary strength and support required for tile and stone installations…”


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“ACT Membranes”


Tile Magazine
March 24, 2014
By: Scott Carothers

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