6 January

What are the Benefits of Floor Leveling?

Concrete floors are one of the top choices for flooring in homes and commercial buildings. They are long-lasting and low-maintenance compared to other types of floors, while easily withstanding heavy foot traffic.

But the concrete floor is not without its faults. Sometimes, they will look and even feel uneven. This is one of the most common types of issues that concrete floors have to face. If you feel that your concrete floors are not even and have issues, this post will help you find the right solution.

Here is everything you need to know about the concrete floor leveling benefits:

Why Uneven Concrete Floors Happen

Uneven, concrete floors are due to various reasons. One of the most common reasons is moisture. If your floor has moisture issues, some parts may swell up leaving the other part sloppy. This can cause the floor to look uneven. Another reason could be that concrete floors are prone to cracking. This may not happen as often, but when it does, it can lead to uneven floor surface.

Dips, cracks, chipping and holes may also make your floor look uneven. This is where floor leveling comes in!


Benefits of Using the Self-levelers

There are many benefits and advantages of using self-levelers. Here are some of the practical benefits:

  1. Easy to Use

One of the reasons why the self-levelers work is that it is easy to use. Most of the floor levelers are self-leveling compound made of modified polymer-modified cement.

  1. Creates a Smooth Surface

Floor levelers can easily create smooth, flat and even surface within a day. It can dry really quickly and offers greater compressive strengths. This is one of the reasons why concrete surfaces are considered as one of the best. They are durable, strong and long-lasting.

  1. It Can Be Installed on any Surface

You can use the floor levelers on almost all types of floors including on top of the existing concrete. You can also use it on surfaces like wooden, plywood, or ceramic floors.

  1. Long-lasting and Cost-effective

You can easily save money with an efficient self-leveler product. At the same time, it is a cost-effective method.

The Bottom-line

Self-levelers are one of the best ways to create a smooth surface and repair any damages or imperfections. These self-levelers are easy to use and an efficient way to address the various issues of floors.

FloorPrep offers self-levelers to make your floor look new again. It is easy to use and long-lasting. Call us at – 1-800-227-3434 or email us at for more information.