1 May

“Buying Made in the USA Helps Local Economies Thrive”

“…So just why is Made in the USA important?

For consumers, it’s becoming increasingly important to know where the products they’re purchasing come from. In the past few decades, as long as it looked good and the price was right then it was generally acceptable.

Today, however, consumers are beginning to realize the true and far-reaching value of buying a product that has been Made in the USA: It satisfies environmental initiatives, offers better quality control, provides speed to market, allows for the creation of on-target designs and, perhaps most importantly, supports local economies and creates jobs.

After decades of offshore manufacturing, many companies both large and small are coming back to their roots and bringing business back to our shores. Since the 1970s, domestic manufacturing has been on the decline—in response to consumer demand for lower prices…”


Learn more about where manufacturing in America is heading and the importance of buying USA made:


“Buying Made in the USA Helps Local Economies Thrive”

Floor Trends Magazine
May 1, 2014
By: Betsy Amoroso

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